The AVCN provides its cooperation and technical assistance through international experience and high level expertise.

The AVCN ensures intervention capacity at different levels, including:

– Training institutions (universities, schools, colleges, technical and vocational training centers …)

– Management institutions

– Local and Regional institutions (Communes, Departments and Regions)

– Government institutions and civil society …

Quality of expertise is ensured both in terms of specialization and interdisciplinary themes. Different areas can be covered, including:

– Support for the formulation of scientific policies and strategies of education and higher education

– Segment Performance Analysis (Science, Higher Education and Education Sector Review)

– Program Evaluation, certification methods and systems (examinations)

– Analysis of management and process management (Management of Sciences in geo-marketing and Banking)

– Analysis cost / efficiency and unit cost (operating and capital)

– Preparation, implementation and monitoring of educational projects

– Training, Upgrading and Development (managers and teachers)

– Support for research funding and partnership  …