Pedagogic Engineering

Teaching methods adapted to your professional environment

All our courses focus their educational goals on operational efficiency post training. We have decided to bring to training professionals a pragmatic approach. Our speakers are always active professionals who have daily teaching methods and computer tools on which we train our trainees. To adapt to your calendar constraints, all our courses are available in three ways: face-to-face, face-in distance and mixed (blended learning).

News of training through innovative workshops on teaching engineering

Every 4 months, the AVCN organizes a workshop on a topical theme in cooperation with the best international experts in the concerned fields.

Switching between expert presentations and roundtables, workshops of AVCN bring a pragmatic view on e-learning and blended learning topics.

A training centre unique in the world in the production of online courses for Pedagogic Engineering:

The AVCN is currently the first NGO fully dedicated to the teacher training on the PEDAGOGIC ENGINEERING using advanced technologies of e-learning and blended learning.


Our NGO is capitalizing all experiences gained through the development of the Avicenna Virtual Campus Network established by UNESCO and the European Commission (since 2002 to present) with large international investment, which over 49 countries have benefited from this expertise. A continuing advanced development that adapts perfectly to the latest technologies to improve the training and learning.