Teachers Training

– Teachers Training in Higher Education

– Teacher Training in primary, middle and secondary levels

– Training of trainers in Education and Technical and Vocational Training (TVET)

1) Training of trainers in TVET

(Education and technical and professional training)

Train qualified and motivated trainers and teachers is the key to effective learning and the foundation of an education and a technical training and professional quality.

Policies and effective frameworks – which allow to professionalize the staff of TVET and to enhance development skills, as well as its conditions of life and work – are regarded as essential measures and constitute an important aspect of the Shanghai Consensus, adopted at the 3rd international Congress on TVET organized by UNESCO in Shanghai (China) in May 2012.

AVCN Objectives:

·       Redesign of training programs / curriculums (modernising and updating)

·       The strengthening of national capacities by the teachers and trainers on the new programs

·       Teachers and trainer training on online course production of pedagogical engineering

·        Teachers and trainer training on the new training methodologies using ICTE (Blended Learning and E-Learning)

2) Training of Teachers Trainers in primary and secondary levels

Capacity building technical and pedagogical teacher trainers, who will work with secondary, middle and primary level teachers. “Training of trainers” approach ensures the scope and extensive functions on the improvement of the quality of general education.

The training demonstrates the current will of the RCVA to help strengthen the capacity of teachers in developing countries and to ensure that the ICTE will be used to enhance and enrich learning opportunities.

AVCN Objectives:

·       Capacity building of teachers and trainers on the new programs

·       Teacher training on pedagogical engineering of production of online courses

·       Teacher training on the quality assurance system

·       Accompany teachers to the production of quality online courses for exam classes (secondary and middle schools)

·       Development and mastery of the teaching methodologies of training using ICTE (Blended Learning and E-Learning).

3) Teacher Training in Higher education

(Higher Education)

Capacity building of higher education teachers in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY using ICTE, virtual concepts and e-Education based on the Avicenna model that has become an international standard of UNESCO, helps senior managers to strengthen economic development of countries and create wealth.

Teacher Capacity Building Training will focus on:

– The pedagogic engineering production of quality online courses

– The establishment of the virtual library of educational resources that will be accessible by all teachers and students.

– The production of current science and technology and micro-science in priority

– The Quality assurance of online pedagogic resources contents